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Hampshire Based Facebook Advertising Agency

To put it simply:

We get you new customers using Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok Advertising.

Why Us?

We’re a straight talking, Hampshire based digital marketing agency that takes the responsibility of marketing your business off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best. It’s easy to get started and once that’s done you won’t have to lift a finger. And as we only work with businesses we know we will get results for we confidently offer a money back guarantee.

Less Services. Better results.

(and why we turn down most businesses)

We COULD do anything you want us to when it comes to marketing and branding.

But we don’t.

We know that very few types of marketing get truly ASTONISHING results.


We also know that these types of marketing ONLY work for certain types of business.

That’s why we turn down many businesses that ask to work with us. We only want businesses that we know we can make a real difference to.


This gives us total confidence in our services which in turn allows us to de-risk the decision to work with us. We are a more attractive bet than most agencies because we offer:

1. Lower prices (as we only focus our time on what gets results)

2. A no-quibble money-back guarantee 

3. A simple & flexible contract (no complicated, long term contracts)

Some Testimonials

Samantha Falconer

Thank you for a really informative Instagram workshop. Brilliant to leave the course with accounts already set up and plenty of information to go forward. 

John Wooderson

I would highly recommend eFix Marketing to anyone wishing to enhance their online or social media presence. Whether that be a new startup business or an established one, I’m sure eFix Marketing would be an asset to any business big or small.

Dr. Tamara Schumilova

Using Facebook advertising eFix Marketing brought us 2-3 new patients every week

Services We Offer

The Wall of Ideas



Target Your Ideal Customers

This is our most popular service as it tends to get the best results. Facebook is second to none when it comes to audience targeting.

You could target 45-54 year old women in Hampshire who are Lawyers and are interested in wine.


Few agencies have worked out how to run successful Facebook Adverts in this increasingly competitive market. Our reliable method will get you results or your money back.




For Businesses Wanting To Reach A Nationwide Audience

TikTok is the new kid on the block. When it comes to advertising you don't want to be too early or too late to the party. Too late and prices are high. Too early and the platform might fail. TikTok is in the Goldilocks zone and boasts a great ads platform.


It has a younger audience than its main competitors. However, older generations are coming on board.  




For Businesses That Can Create Beautiful Content

Instagram is now an established player in online advertising. However, in our experience, most of our clients find Facebook works better.

But Instagram Ads may be for you. If you have a business where you can take lots of great photos and videos Instagram Ads should be considered. Examples: golf courses, gyms, photographers, bars, & schools. 

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How It Works 

Click the link below to see our 7 Step process called the Profit Cycle Formula. It details exactly how we use Facebook advertising to get local businesses new customers.

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